TGIF : BBQ pork loin and pan seared in a rasberry wine sauce

Hi there,

Boy let me tell you, its great for it to finally be Friday. I’ve taken a few breaks posting here over the last month due to my health concerns and my renewed focus on taking walks along the Humber River.

The crisp cold air on my clammy skin is something that I find refreshing and sensual at the same time. Unfortunately the windows in my office don’t open so I have to take brisk rides in my wheelchair scooter to get refreshed. What I’ve done is poke small holes in the groin / scrotum region of my pants in such a way that the cool air is allowed in to make contact with the skin on my inner thighs as I ride my scooter.

In case you’re wondering, the doctor recommended I temporarily ride in a wheelchair scooter until my condition as a result of putting spicy curry sauce on the tip of my penis has been remedied.

I’m going to be leaving work in about an hour or so, at 2:30pm, to get a head start on my BBQ plans tonight. I plan on BBQing a pork loin , wrapped in bacon and spices / bay leaves, and then pan sear the outer edges to get a crisp texture, soaked in a raspberry wine sauce in the pan, which will then be de-glazed and dripped over the exterior at the final stage.

I also have about 28 beers in the fridge in my Etobicoke home so I think I’m all set!

I’ll try to update again to let you know how its going.

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3 Responses to “TGIF : BBQ pork loin and pan seared in a rasberry wine sauce”

  • Pastor B:

    Dear Rob,

    Where have you been? I remember the days when I’d come home from a jog to find you eagerly waiting for me on my porch! We’d have so much fun together in my house. As I recall, you really liked the boxer shorts I wore to help me recover from my jogging. You liked them so much, I thought I’d get you your very own pair! You have to come to my house to try them on though, so I can see if they fit you properly.

    I’m sorry to hear about your curry sauce injury. During a trip to Europe, I learned of a special massage technique from Father Mauvais Toucher. If you’re interested, I can demonstrate it on you. The long, slow strokes are supposed to give release for anything that is sore, throbbing or aching. To make it fun, we could use mayonnaise!

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see you again.

    Your good budy,
    Pastor B

  • HUK:

    Blob Ford, when was the last time you saw your wang without a mirror?

  • Blob Buster:

    Hey Blob! When I realized Dimitri The Lover endorsed you for extreme Douchbaggery, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon. Today he claims he has singlehandedly propelled you to victory,

    You need to comment on your affiliation with your douchey comrade!

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