Various pains in my groin region

Hey folks,

Just on my way to the doctors right now. I cant even drive, I have to get one of my kids to take me to Etobicoke Medical Center (on East Mall and Burnhamthorpe). I’ve been receiving sharp pains in my testicular / groin area over the last 12 hours.

The stress of the media surrounding my blog here is likely a contributing factor to my current state of distress. A sharp and throbbing pain is circulating throughout my two testicles as well as up and generally all around my groin area.

As a result of the pain , I have decided to temporarily stop rubbing hot curry and other spices on the tip of my penis (to keep me awake, see this post). Not sure if that would contribute to the pain I am currently experiencing but I’ll see what the doctor says.

Stay tuned.

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