Hello Toronto!

My mayoral election manager suggested I start a blog to share my thoughts about our wonderful city, my political views and agendas if I were to be elected mayor of our great city.

I’d love to hear from you also, please drop me a line if you can : [email protected]

Stay tuned for more posts from me.


Blob Ford


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    hi friend

  • lastperson:

    Hey Rob-
    What a breath of fresh air you are for this unshaved liberal armpit of a city. I can’t wait for Mayor Rob Ford and President Sarah Palin (maybe Prime Minister Day too?) to open the PanAm Games. That my friend will be truly world class. And maybe we’ll have the Toronto Bills in the NFL by then – we could quaff a few cold ones in the golds. Oooo boy, the future’s so bright I gotta wear shades!
    Yer pal,

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